April 07, 2018 

Tevia's Concert 

Today was the dreaded Monday... I really don't like Mondays at all. Mom has still been working, and Dad is usually out getting into trouble, so I went downstairs, but he was down there making pancakes. After breakfast, I decided I should probably go start on school, and so I made my way to my torture chamber in the crypt-like basement. I got some of my school work done right away, and then had math class, before going up and having some burritos for lunch. After lunch I went over to Grandpa and Nana's, where Dad was supposed to meet me so that we could put in Nana's dock, but he had decided to take Tevia to track first and so he wasn't there. I waited awhile, and then started cleaning the changing room because it was kinda gross, and then he showed up and so we pushed in Nana's dock, and then I went and attached the stairs to Grandpa's dock. Then I jumped in the water and went under a few times so that I could say that I was the first one to go swimming (and it was a good thing that I did, because Tevia went in Frazee just a few hours later). As soon as I was done swimming, I went inside and scarfed down some chips and guacamole, and then took off on my scooter so that I could get to work in time. I requested a bunch of days off in May and June, and so I let them know what days those would be, and then I went and worked for 3 long, torturous hours. As soon as work was done, I drove up to the high school and met Dad, and we went inside and sat with Grandpa while we waited for the concert to start. Tevia wasn't playing for quite awhile, so we had to wait for what seemed like hours (like 30 minutes) while listening to all the littler kids play. We ended up staying for the entire concert, but sadly it was so dark in the gym that the pictures were pretty grainy. As soon as the concert was over, we went home, where I had another burrito before bed, and then went to sleep.  

Tevia playing her flute during the concert.