April 06, 2018 

So much good food

I woke up this morning to my Echo telling me that I had a new message from Huldy Sannes at 6:30am, and was slightly annoyed and tempted to throw it out the window. Luckily, I was able to fall back asleep and get a little bit more rest. I had pizza for breakfast while I waited for my laundry to get out of the dryer, as I wanted to have clean clothes to wear for church this morning, and then got into them and hopped in the car as soon as I could. We took off to church (except Mom who is working all week) and got turned around almost to Frazee, as Glenmore Miller had some of his cows get out, and Dad felt the need to offer some help. We eventually completed the journey to church, and had an interesting Sunday school lesson, which involved me falling backwards from the church railing, and hoping that someone underneath would catch me... which they did (almost didn't though). After the rest of an amusing Sunday school lesson, we started the church service, and I somehow ended up in the back room praying with everyone even though I wasn't actually involved in the service. Johnna gave her little informative talk on her upcoming trip to Africa (super jealous) and then we all gathered around her and prayed (out loud... we're basically a Hispanic church now without the Spanish). It turned out that the service was over after that, and so I waited for about 5 minutes up front, as Rhonda had asked the VBS drama team to meet up front, before realizing that they had deserted me and were busy. We eventually got some practice times put into cement, and then we went home and had lunch. I messed on my computer for awhile and got the church VBS site started, and then we went and gathered the canoe and paddles and went into town, after a quick pitstop at Grandpa and Nana's in search of some more paddles. We met Jeremy at the park in Frazee, and then Jeremy and I canoed down to Highway 10, with a few interesting adventures along the way... including but not limited to getting hung up on every single step of the rapids by the Turkey park. After our little jaunt down the river, we dropped Jeremy, Sherri, and Dawson off, and then Dad dropped me off at Caleb's apartment, where we were having Bible study tonight, and he was going to grill for us. I got there a few minutes early, and so I quickly read chapter 5 of our study book while he grilled some brats (peperjack and maple syrup brats from Ketter's). Johnna, Becca, and Nicole all got there eventually, and then we went through our Bible study while eating. A little after 7, Johnna and I had to leave for Strawberry Lake, as Justin and Kerry were having a bonfire/campfire tonight. We were able to have a nice talk on the way up there which was thoroughly enjoyable, and then I was able to sit and talk to Justin and Kerry around the campfire which was probably the highlight of my week. We also played a beanbag toss game, which Justin and I completely dominated in. Around 8:53, Grandpa came to pick me up, and we had a nice talk on the way back to DL, where we stopped and got some chicken nuggets at McDonalds, and then he dropped me off at home and I went to sleep after a long day.

Bradly demonstrating his superior athletic abilities

That moment when things didn't go as planned...

Jesse giving an introduction for Johnna