May 04, 2018 

National Star Wars Day

Well, I guess there is a National day for pretty much everything now... I'm not complaining as I love Star Wars, but still... Anyway, may the fourth be with you today. I rolled out of bed this morning and hurried through what little schoolwork I had left, and then as soon as Dad got home, I did some chores and then left for Grandpa and Nana's on the scooter. On the way, I ran into a large snapping turtle near Fairy lake, which I wanted to touch but didn't dare to. Well, I got over to Grandpa and Nana's but they were out for lunch, so I looked at the package I had gotten in the mail and found that it was a sweatshirt, notebook, business card holder, and a signed card from the people at Speed the Light whom I'm raising money for. The sweatshirt was super nice, so I put it on right away and then went out and threw the canoe in the water to get my workout. It was pretty windy, so canoeing was indeed quite a workout, and once I got out into the middle of the lake, I was near exhausted. I came back in and relaxed for awhile until Grandpa and Nana got home. We talked for awhile, and then Grandpa and I went and put in the first two sections of the dock, as there is only a tiny bit of ice left in the other bay. I used waders for the first time, which was an extremely interesting feeling, like you were wet but also dry at the same time. After we got the sections of dock in, I went for another canoe ride before putting the gear away (including a life jacket that I had brought from home, and felt stupid wearing while I drove the scooter over). I went inside and had a sandwich while watching Death Valley Days ft. Ronald Reagan, and then helped Nana set up her new Amazon Spot before heading back to our house. I had just enough time to pack my guitar and laptop before Grandpa came over to bring me to youth group. We stopped at All-in-all so Grandpa could get gas, and I ran inside and bought a cookie because I owed Johnna one for some reason. On the way to youth group I got a text from Justin and Kerry saying that they were (sadly) quitting as the Strawberry Lake youth leaders, but felt it was time for a change of leadership. Grandpa dropped me off at the church, and then Matthew and I practiced our songs before Bradly and Johnna arrived and we then played softball until Adi came and it was time to start. We had tons of pizza and soda and chips and our devotion was on being Salt of the Earth, and it was just really awesome and stuff. Then at 10:03, Grandpa came and picked me up and we had a really nice talk on the way home. I unloaded all my stuff once I got home, and then went to bed because I was exhausted. 

The shore after we put in the dock.

Bradly attempting to backflip off of the swings.

The snapping turtle that I found