April 03, 2018 

National Day of Prayer 

I woke up this morning to my alarm as usual (my alarm was Reckless Love by Cory Asbury this morning) and then dragged myself out of bed... I thought I did pretty good getting up even if my watch said that I didn't actually get up until 7:02. I had some empanadas for breakfast, and then had my piano lesson.... which could have gone worse. I only have like 3 more piano lessons before I'm done (forever) and so I'm pretty excited about that. After piano, I got started on my homework, and so now I only have 6 more assignments until I'm completely caught up from after the Florida vacation. Around 11:30, I got ready and went into town for the National Day of Prayer service at the town hall in Frazee, which lasted from 12 to 12:30 and was pretty interesting. They went through a big list where they prayed for our Government, our Military, our Media, our Business', our Education system, the Church, our families, and then had a closing prayer. There were a lot of community pastors involved which was kinda cool to see. On the way home I filled the scooter up with gas, and I was much better at it this time. I came home and helped Mom make some pizza-empanadas, and then did some more homework after lunch, and then it was already time to head back into town for work. I worked from 4 until 7, and ended up getting in 7000 more steps in while I was at work (my watch counts my steps). I came home after work and had tacos, which were super good, and then took off again over to Grandpa and Nana's, as Nana had texted saying the ice was out on Rose. It was almost out, and there was only a tiny amount left, so I canoed over to it and mixed up the water a little to help it melt faster. I also saw a beaver, and almost died when my camera came up with the message, "Please insert SD card." Thankfully, Grandpa had a spare adapter on his desk so I was able to use the spare card in my phone to take some pictures. I pulled the canoe back up onto the shore with some help from Dad (I didn't need it but it did make it easier) and then we went back to our house. I almost caught up on the scooter, but they had too much of a headstart in the car. As soon as we got home, I put away the scooter and then wrote my journal and went to bed, for I am a simple man with few wants.

Mayor Hank Ludke reading the Mayor's Proclamation before the service. 
The Beaver I was chasing.

A sunset picture just because.