May 01, 2018 

It's finally May

Today was the first day of May, and it was our first real rainy day. I woke up at 6:45ish, which I was really glad of because Dad had turned off the internet last night because of the storm, so my alarm wouldn't have gone off otherwise. It was still cloudy and a little rainy, with the temp being about 35 degrees outside. We had fried eggs for breakfast, and then Tevia took off to school. Jana and I convinced Mom and Dad to let us go over and spend the day at Grandpa and Nana's, so Dad dropped us off on his way to work around 8:30. It was pretty cold when we got there, but we had a little more breakfast, and then I went outside and took the canoe out for a little spin, going through the ice that was melting. It was rather cold still and I was wearing only shorts and flip-flops, so I didn't stay out there for too long, but then went in and got started on school. I had chemistry class, and then Grandpa made roast sandwiches for lunch with gravy and chips, which were super good. After lunch I worked on school some more, and found some really cool features with Google Photos that I didn't know about before. I did some more school work, and then Jana and I went up to get the mail in the golf cart, and the fitbit like watches that Grandpa had ordered for us, so we spent some time setting those up, and they are super awesome. Around 4:30, Grandpa brought us home to an empty house and dirty kitchen, and so I kinda thought about starting dinner while Jana got ready for Drivers Education. I ended up deciding to go for a run, which felt like it was a really long 3 mile run, but only ended up being 0.68 miles and taking 9 minutes, after which, I was completely exhausted... just shows how great of shape I'm in. Anyway, I came back inside after my run and made Queshe for dinner, which didn't end up being done till almost 7:40. After dinner, I drove into town with Dad and Tevia to pick up Jana at the school, and then we came home and had a little family devotions time before bed.