April 30, 2018

A Day Worth Celebrating 

So today might seem like a normal day to most people... but not to me. Because I knew what it really was... the last day of April! And also there are only 23 more days of school and I'm so excited for summer. Anyway, I got up this morning, then said goodbye to Mom as she left for work, and slowly got ready for the day. I played piano for awhile, and ended up learning how to play the keyboard part of Do It Again by Elevation Worship, as it had been stuck in my head for awhile. I did a bunch of math assignments, and then went to class, where there were some technically difficulties, which my teacher blamed on the new Gmail update, which is amazing by the way. I made myself some egg-salad sandwiches for lunch, and then messed around some more before getting ready to go to work. I took off to work at 3:30, and then I had to work till 7. When I got home, Mom had already gone to bed and Dad was outside playing with the animals. I went and finished my leftover egg-salad, and then I went and sat on the roof, which is the only place that I can go outside without being attacked by cats. Eventually, Dad got home with Jana, who had her first day of Drivers Education, and then he went and got Tevia while I finished some different photography stuff I had been putting off till now. Not excited for Chemistry tomorrow.... 


There was a Goose in the field on the way home.