April 29, 2018 

Sunday Funday

I woke up this morning, and almost wanted to go back to sleep (by almost I mean I really wanted to) but I had to get up instead. I took a shower, and then Mom had made waffles for breakfast since Matthew was here, and so we had those for breakfast. We took off to church as soon as Dad got home from work, as he had worked overnight. Matthew and I led worship in church, and we needed to practice that before Sunday school, and then we had Sunday school and church. After church, we came home (it had gotten a little late because I had to talk to Rhonda about VBS for awhile) and we just had leftovers for lunch. I played on my phone for awhile, then read chapter 4 of Crazy Love by Francis Chan, so that I'd be refreshed before my youth Bible study tonight. I left for that around 5:40 on the scooter, and it was really hard driving into the wind. I finally got there, and was very happy to find that Caleb had made two pizzas, one which was chicken alfredo and the other pepperoni (I think). It ended up just being Caleb, Becca, and me, but we had a really good time talking about the Lukewarm Christian. We got done almost right after 7pm, mostly because Caleb was going to see Infinity War with his brother and sister-in-law. I drove home, bringing home some amazing leftover pizza which I didn't actually get any of, and then we went over to Grandpa and Nana's house right away. Most of Rose Lake is still covered with ice, but there is a little stretch right along the shore that isn't. Grandpa and Nana were Facetiming with Jen, Davin, Jevin, and Enavi, so it was nice for us to be able to talk to them as well. We left around 8pm, and just layed around the rest of the evening before going to bed.