April 28, 2018 

Grandma's Birthday

I slept into about 9:30 this morning, and when I woke up, I went downstairs, and there was no one in the house, and so my first thought was, "Did I miss the rapture??" Then I was trying to figure out why I missed the rapture, and I figured that it was probably because I wasn't wearing a shirt. I later found out that everyone was at Grandpa and Nana's or still in bed, but I didn't realize that. Anyway, we got ready to go, and then left at 11pm for Brainerd to have lunch with Grandpa and Grandma, because it was Grandma's birthday. Mom and Dad made me drive, so I did that on the way there, and then on the way back as well. Anyway, we got there around 12:40, and went to the Mexican restaurant next to the Taco Bell. I had 3 chicken tacos (should have had the beef) and they were alright. We stayed and talked with Grandpa and Grandma for a long time, and then we left and got back to our house around 3:50pm. I layed around for awhile, and then went and worked on the powerpoint for tomorrow in church for awhile. Ben, Josh, and Matthew finally showed up, and they had brought some sort of pop-exploder gadget, which we went and tried right away, but nothing exploded (sadly). Matthew and I went through our setlist for tomorrow, and then went in and had dinner. After dinner, we went through it again, and then went inside for worship. After we had worship time, I wrote my journal while we listened to music, and then we went outside and attempted to have a bit of a bonfire (got shutdown by some cranky old people), before practicing again and then going to bed. 

Birthday lunch with Grandpa and Grandma

The failed pop machine 

The first Goldfinch I've seen this year