April 27, 2018 

College is Done.

There are 20-some days left of normal public school, but because I have my college class, I have greatly been looking forward to it, so that I could be done and only have my regular schooling. Well, today I took my final test in Personal Finance, passed with a 13/15, and ended up getting almost 84% in the class overall! Mom and Dad said I could get my drivers license as long as I got a B or better in the class, so I guess I'll be hitting the road this summer! Other than that, today was pretty slow and average. I finished my school work, and then Jeremy and Co. stopped by during lunch time. I built more Lego creations with Steven, and then went to work at 3:30, stopping at the gas station on the way to fuel up the scooter. Some people were staring at me while I fueled up, because I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out which type of gas I was supposed to put in the tank. I eventually made it to work, which seemed to be like the slowest 3 hours of my life. One of my favorite customers came in, and he's a really cool guy but I've always noticed that he was just a little different; oddly upbeat and happy all the time. Well today I found out why; I was wearing my favorite t-shirt, the one that says "Jesus Jesus Jesus, till the day I die" on it, and as he was talking to me, he noticed it and said (more like yelled), "AMEN! That's the only way there is!" (or something to that effect). Anyway, after work I went home, and because it was the weekend, Jana and I watched Disney's live action version of the Jungle Book while we waited for Tevia to get back from her track meet, and then Dad wanted me to watch "While You Were Sleeping" which is some sort of romcom or something. The title is pretty creepy.... sounds more like a horror film. Anyway, we got about half-way through that, and then the WiFi decided we'd had enough Netflix for the evening, so we all went to bed. 

The idiot Goose that is here every year, and tried to murder me on the way to work...