April 26, 2018 

The Lake is COLD 

I got up this morning, but Dad was already gone to his early morning Bible study and Tevia had left for school. I rolled out of bed, slowly but surely, and discovered that leaving your window open all night makes it very cold in the morning. I threw on a shirt and wandered downstairs. After awhile, Dad called saying that he was going to pick us up soon, but I hadn't even started packing my gear, so I told him I'd take the scooter instead. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and etc, and then I threw my laptop and camera in my [super awesome] backpack and took off, with the scooter only stalling once because of the cold. I obviously didn't learn my lesson, waking up to the cold, because I wore shorts and a tshirt, and going 50mph it can be a little chilly at 45 degrees. I got over to Grandpa and Nana's, where I worked on various English assignments for a while, and then had lunch. After lunch, Grandpa took Jana to her painting lesson, and Tevia, Nana, and I were chilling inside when BAM. The entire house was dark. I went outside to see if a tree had fallen on a powerline, but it looked fine, so I called the power company and complained. They said they'd try to fix it, so then Tevia and I went outside to go see how cold the water was long I could stand in the water. It was very cold, and hurt quite badly, but I was able to endure it long enough for a picture and a smile. Anyway, we went back inside and then the power came back on, but then it was time for Tevia to go to track practice, which she did. I was chilling at Grandpa and Nana's then, trying to figure out when I should go home, as I wanted to beat Dad home. I was about to leave, when I got a text saying that we were eating at Grandpa and Nana's. I was like, "oh thats cool" and went back inside. A few minutes later, I got another text saying, "nevermind we're eating at home." After a long bit of confusion later, I was on my way back to our house, where Dad had gotten Domino's pizza for dinner. I ate almost a whole pizza myself, then went and practiced guitar for a good long while. Jeremy and Co. came over to visit, and so I build various Lego creations with Steven until they had to go, and then I practiced guitar a while longer before writing my journal. I'll probably go to bed in a half hour or so. 

Still a lot of ice on Rose Lake...

The ice on the pothole went out though!