April 25, 2018 

I'm becoming a tall Hobbit...

So today was pretty normal; Mom was already gone (tomorrow is her last day for awhile) and Tevia went to school and Dad was up and getting us all up, and so I wandered downstairs and had pancakes, and then shaved and took a shower. I went down to the basement and worked on school for awhile, long enough for me to get caught up for the day. I went back upstairs and hung around for awhile, put in a load of laundry and practiced guitar... I practiced guitar a LOT today. Both my acoustic and electric guitar, and I don't usually play my electric but Caleb is pretty excited for the youth worship band for youth group, and he thinks I should play electric guitar. I finally figured out the lead rhythm part for So Will I (100 Billion X) by Hillsong, and speaking of music, my current favorite song is Gravity by Landry Cantrell. After a lunch of leftovers (and some of Jana's Chinese food from her trip with Nana) I cleaned my room, and then around 2:30 we went over to Grandpa and Nana's house where we cleaned up all the sticks in their apple orchard. Grandpa brought Tevia to track practice while we went home and finished a few chores, as well as I finished the pea soup I had put in the pot earlier today. We packed up and went to pick up Tevia, but we were a few minutes too early, so we drove down to Frazee Family Foods where I got my request in so that I won't miss Tevia's next track meet (on the 4th of May), and I also have MYF that night. Anyway, we picked up Tevia, and then we went over to Cecilia's house, where we were assigned for Bible study tonight. We had brought pea soup, buns, and cheese, and she had sloppy joes, juice, and desert, so it was a full two meals, and then after we did Bible study with her, I was dropped off at Harvest Fellowship church for the first official summer night of youth group, where they had already grilled almost 200 hot dogs, so I had my third meal of the evening. I am pretty sure I'm becoming a Hobbit, except taller. Youth group was fun, even though there was only a short worship time and then the rest was a celebration for the Awana being over and the Awana kids who were transitioning into youth group. They had a contest to see who could name the most books of the Bible, and I somehow ended up getting a $1.25 gift certificate for Frazee Family Foods even though I only said Isiah because Pastor Ryan stuck the mic in my face and told me to say it... it was fun. Afterwards I came home (Mom picked me up) and we argued on the way back to the house, and then I disappeared into my batcave in the basement, until I went upstairs to go to bed. 

Jana and Tevia riding in the back of the truck.

Pastor Ryan cooking hot dogs.