April 24, 2018

Track Meet

Mom left at like 5:30 for work, Dad was working all night and didn't get off until like 9am, and Tevia was at school, so it was just Jana and me at home. I probably would have slept in except our school advisor wanted to talk to us on the phone early today, as she was at her parents house and they go for a walk in the mornings at 8am, and she was hoping to join them. I talked to her for about 15 minutes until 8, and then was thinking about going back to bed when Jesse called, wanting to know if Mom would be able to make it to the church meeting tonight to record what happend or something. By the time I finished talking to everyone on the phone, I was already so awake that I figured there was no point in trying to go back to bed, so I went and took a shower, had a little breakfast, and then got working on school. I didn't do any assignments for BlueSky yesterday because of my MCA, and so I got caught up on that, and then started working on today's assignments. I had Chemistry class at 11, but the teacher made a mistake with the homework so we only had to attend the class, and she canceled the homework that went with the class. I went up and had lunch, then got into some different clothes. Dad went into town, and Nana stopped by. She told me that there were a bunch of Pelicans on the West side of town lake (they were on the East side when I got there), and so I got on the scooter and drove over and took some pictures. There was an older guy who stopped by while I was taking pictures and talked to me about his days of film photography and stuff, and then after I was done with that, I went over to Grandpa and Nana's house, swinging through the farm on the way. Grandpa had just ordered a fitBit (not fitBit brand, but like it) and so I set that up for him, and it started tracking his steps and heartbeat and all sorts of cool things, like how far he walks everyday. I went back home to do the dishes, and then Grandpa came and picked up Dad and me, and we went over to Perham to watch Tevia in her track meet. It was a little cold, but I still wore khaki shorts and a sweatshirt, and Tevia seemed to do pretty good, getting first in the 7th grade girls high jump (not to be confused with the long jump or pole-vault). Said "hi" to Gabby and Roy and Nathan and a bunch of other random people, and then just chilled around. Once she was done with all her activities, we went over to McDonalds to use the bathrooms (I got fries and a soda) and then went back over to Grandpa and Nana's to pick up Jana and our van from their house. We came home and Jana made some dinner for Mom so that she'd have something to eat, and then when she came home, her and Dad got into a fight about something again and yelled at eachother for awhile. I edited the photos from the track meet, and then sent a few off to the paper just in case, and then after chilling for awhile, went to bed. So nice being able to sleep with my window open. 

The Pelicans on the East side of town lake

Tevia shooting over the high jump bar. She got 4 feet and 4 inches.