April 23, 2018

The World is Ending!

Today is the 23 of April... aka the day that Christian conspiracy theorists claim the world will end... I guess we'll find out soon, but I'm still going to do my school just in case. It was hard today getting back into the routine, but I got my college class almost done (all I have left is the final test which is worth 15 points, and all assignments are weighted the same) and then only 29 days left of school. I took a shower this morning, and then emailed my Math teacher telling him that I would not be able to attend the live session as I was taking my Reading MCA at MState in Detroit Lakes. Dad and I got there and were looking for room G114, when a lady asked us, "You're with BlueSky?" She pointed us in the right direction, and when I got to the room, there were like 15 kids from BlueSky that live in this area, including a good friend of Johnna's that I've met a few times before, which was really weird. The testing was supposed to start at 10, but because of issues with Java (which I could have bypassed except I didn't really want to get a felony) we didn't end up starting until 10:40. I just chatted with the administrators for awhile until we started the test, and the left right afterwards. We went home and had lunch, and then Grandpa stopped by with the insurance and tabs for the scooter, which I put on. He also told us to come over for dinner tonight, and then I had to finish my school. I went to work on the scooter at 4, and work went well except one lady got mildly upset when I told her that the most awesome thing in the world was Jesus. When I got off at 7, I took the scooter over to Grandpa and Nana's where Dad and the girls had just left as Mom was getting home from work soon. I had dinner, which was some amazing scalloped potatoes and salad and buns with jelly, and then talked with Grandpa and Nana for awhile before heading home. The Antonsens have a lot of tiny calves out infront of their bard still, and it seems like they are getting more every day. I got home at 7:59 and Jana was making donuts inside. Said hello to Mom, then went to my room and tried to avoid everyone for the night as working in Breck means Mom doesn't get much sleep which puts her in an irritable mood for the evening. Fell asleep pretty soon, and left my window open which was super awesome to be able to do that finally. 

Jana making donuts