April 22, 2018

Church & Bible Study

Today I woke up to the noise of a rooster crowing right underneath my window... needless to say, I wasn't super thrilled. I went back to sleep, and then woke up around 8:15. Koby had already been awake for awhile, but was still in bed as well. We got ready for church and Koby got all his stuff packed, before going downstairs and having some French toast for breakfast. We took off for church, and I got the church calendar updated before Sunday school. After Sunday school, we had the normal service, during which Koby, Bradly, and I had to talk about our trip to Wisconsin last week (we were the only ones who went on the trip at church). Rhonda also gave us some details about VBS coming up this summer, and I got signed up to help with the drama again. After church, we went home and had a quick lunch of burritos and other leftovers, and then Dad, Koby, and I drove to Fargo to drop Koby off with his Mom, as they needed to go back to North Dakota today. On the way back, Dad and I drove by our old house, and then also stopped to look at some cool plants. When we got home, the girls were trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix, and so we started, "The Spy Next Door" which they hated, but then I took off on the scooter and went to see Jeremy and Sherri. They were just having dinner, and then we went for a walk down to the river with Dawson and their dog, Apollo, and then walked back to their place. It was almost 6pm, so I drove over to Harvest church, where I had Bible study with Caleb and Nicole. After Bible study, which was super awesome (we were on Crazy Love chapter 3) and lasted almost 30 minutes longer than usual, I went back home, but first stopped by Grandpa and Nana's house and talked to them for awhile. Drove home, said hi to Mom before she went to bed, and then tried to get some sleep before my MCA Reading test tomorrow.