April 21, 2018 

Sleeping In

Well, our day really technically started in a Catholic kid's driveway at 12:01 AM. We then continued and dropped off Scott and Cheri and their group, and then by the time Ben, Koby, and I got back to the church, I had almost fallen asleep. We got into Ben's truck, and drove over to his house. We got our beds setup while Ben took a shower. Once Ben was out, I hopped into the shower, and about 5 minutes in, the water turned really cold and stopped working. I was super tired and confused, so I just stood there staring at the shower head, wondering what had happend, and talking to Ben through the door. Eventually it started working again and I was able to finish my shower. I later found out that Ben had ran downstairs and turned off the water on me while I was in the shower. Koby and I watched a little bit of Tintin on Netflix before going to sleep around 1:30. I woke up about a quarter to 10, and we laid in our bed/chairs for awhile until it was late enough to get up. We went over to the church to clean out the church van, and Dad was already over there doing stuff. We got a shopvac put together, cleaned the van, and then spent about 10 minutes rolling up extension cords, before taking off to Frazee. We stopped to throw some stuff in the recycling bins, and then went and got taco makings at Frazee Family Foods. We went home and I showed Koby our house while Dad made tacos, and then after we ate, Koby and I rode the scooter over to Grandpa and Nana's house, where then Michael and Joe Nessler showed up as well, and then Jana and Tevia ran over. We walked out on the ice a little while Michael was interviewing Grandpa about Ottertail County, and then around 3 we went back to our house, where I got ready for work, and then took off on the scooter, leaving Koby at home where Bradly and Johnna were going to pick him up in a few minutes. Work went smoothly, and I found out that Heath is moving back and will be working full time again. He sold his other store as well, so now he only has this one. About 10 minutes before closing, Bradly, Johnna, and Koby stopped in, and got some ice cream sandwiches, which I bought for them (they didn't see me swipe my card though because I was sneaky). As soon as I got off and covered the coffins with cardboard, I took off on the scooter with Johnna following me with their car, and then they dropped off Koby and visited for a little while, and then went home. Koby and I talked with Mom and Dad for awhile, and then we went and got a cot set up for Koby, took showers (and had a late night burrito in my case), and then went to bed at 10:30, after Skyping with Danny, Bradly, and Johnna.