April 20, 2018 

Hiding in Fargo

Today started as any other day might, with me trying to catch up on school. I already had gotten almost 26 assignments in for the week, close to double the required. I worked on school until about noon, when I went upstairs and Grandpa stopped by. We talked for awhile, and Dad told us how he had been over at Antonsen's farm, and they had told them that Belfey sits at the top of their hill in his car, and every time one of their pet geese wanders into the road, drives as fast as he can to try and hit it. Then Curt showed up as well, and we were all visiting for a little while. Grandpa and Curt left after awhile, and we hung out at home until Grandpa came back at 2:30, when we went and dropped off Tevia at the school for her track meet, stopped by the bank for me to get money, where they have switched to a new banking system, and then he dropped me off at Ben's house. Ben wasn't home from work yet, so I settled down and watched Dr. Strange on Netflix while eating chips and anything else I could find. After I had been there for awhile, Theresa came over and said hi while she took some meat from the freezer, and then I almost finished Dr. Strange before Ben came home. He watched the rest of the movie with me, and I finally figured out the hint they give to the new movie that is coming out, Infinity War (Dr. Strange's time necklace contained an infinity stone). We went over to the church and got the van ready, and then waited for Bradly and Brock to get there. They finally did, and we left to Scott and Cherri's house, only to find that Ben had forgotten his wallet, so we had to run back to the church and grab it. We finally got around to picking up the JYF, and took off to Fargo. We went to West Acres, and as soon as we stepped inside, Justin grabbed us and told us to go change. We did so, and then played this game where the JYF had to find the MYF, but we were in disguises. It was a lot of fun, and then afterwards, we went out to the vans, where we had soda, cake, chips, and oranges for snacks. Scott brought the oranges. After the quick snack, we made our way over to SkateCity, where we skated/roller bladed until 10:30PM. The only thing was that they had all the lights off and the fog machine was really blowing out the fog, and so it was really hard to skate. Our group headed back to Detroit Lakes at 10:30, dropped off some kids there, and then our day ended in a Catholic kids driveway.