April 19, 2018 

The Good News

I woke up this morning at 7, and jumped out of bed ready to start the day. Well, it didn't quite happen like that, but pretty much. I went downstairs and had breakfast, and then got started on my large amount of school. I worked straight for almost four hours, and then went upstairs, where Mom made me make a salad, and then we had beef chunks on pasta for lunch. Afterwards, I went back downstairs and continued to work on school, getting almost all but a few assignments done, which I have to get done before tomorrow when I go to MYF at like 1pm. At 2:40ish, Grandpa came and picked us all up, and we went and dropped of Jana at Fran's for her painting lesson, and then dropped off Tevia at the school for track. We still had almost 45 minutes before I had to be at work, so we went to the post office so Grandpa go mail a letter, then we went to All in All and Grandpa got himself a coffee and a blue slushie for me. We went and inspected the Frazee Dam, which was flowing and they had just recently removed a big stretch of trees and almost made like a dirt beach. We still had like 30 minutes before I had to work, so we went out to the old bridge past Ike's farm, and then turned around and went to my work. He was getting some stuff and I was allowed to clock in early, and so started working. So, I have this bracelet that I always wear that says, "God. Our. Sins. Paying. Everyone. Life." and these two ladies asked me what it meant. Long story short, I got to go through the entire Gospel message with them, which was totally awesome. I finally got done with work, and Manson told me that Dad was picking me up down at All in All, so I walked down there, but they had already left and gone up to the store, so I turned around and walked back up there, where they picked me up. Then we went back to the store where we picked up an application for Jana and I followed her with my camera while she did it, so we have the entire thing documented. We went home and I had pasta with pesto for dinner, and then Dad and I went and graded the driveway. Afterwards I came inside and worked on my laptop, but then Tevia tried to do a cartwheel in the house and smashed her leg up on the wall, which wasn't good. Went to bed as I'll need a lot of energy tomorrow.