April 18, 2018 

Nursing Home Night

Mom was working again today, so she took off to work around the same time that Tevia went to school. Dad made some eggs for breakfast, and then went about his business while Jana and I did our school work. After working for what seemed like days, I came upstairs and Dad and I went to get hay for the animals from Marvin Kratzke's farm. We got 20 squares and loaded them into the back of the pickup truck ($2.50/bale) and then went back to Frazee where Dad dropped me off at Jeremy's house. I downloaded a new software on my laptop that I want to try out called FreeWorship which is a song lyric program that should allow me to use seamless video backgrounds, an issue I was having with Powerpoint. Then I uploaded all of the many pictures I still had stored on my computer (about 500 from rally, Florida, and other things) and got those sorted on the cloud. I finally took off just a little bit after Jeremy left, and walked down to the store. I said hello and got something to drink, and then walked over to the bank, where I got $20 to pay Jana back, and then waited for Dad to pick me up on his way to drop Tevia off at track. I saw Lila and Namen, and then Dad pulled up and so we dropped off Tevia and went home. After a little while, we got a call (around 5pm) from Tevia, and apparently she had passed out during track practice and needed to come home. We went and picked her up and she was breathing a little heavily. Probably a combination of poor sleep habits, malnutrition, and dehydration. I made some pancakes for dinner, and then Mom got home, we ate, and took off to the Nursing Home, where we sang to the old people. Everyone was a little annoyed on the way there, because I was pretending to be an airplane pilot and stuff. We sang to the old people, and then Dad had brought a chocolate cake, so we sat around eating that and talking. Then we went home, and I got the final draft of the Rally video done for Ben before going to bed. 

Today's picture is my first successful panorama.