April 15, 2018 

Blizzards in April

I awoke this morning to Matthew kicking me and telling me that Ben said to get ready to go. I dragged myself out of my sleeping bag, and found that almost everyone else was already getting up, so I packed my stuff and we all made our way out to the van. We drove through the mildly falling snow to the church, where we messed around while waiting for the girls to get there so we could have breakfast. When they finally did, Ron had me say a prayer for the food, and then we ate, right after sorting out an issue where Shannon thought that Terry had forgotten a box of cereal at Dave's, when actually Terry had taken the cereal from Dave's kitchen and was eating while watching Formula 1 racing at 1:30 Am. Breakfast was really good, and then we went upstairs for the last session, which was about faith and the valley of dry bones. As soon as we were done with the session, we went back downstairs for lunch, and then had about an hour of talking followed by an hour of saying goodbye to everyone and exchanging social media contacts. We got on the road, but during the morning session, the weather had turned into a full blizzard and visibility was very limited. The roads were pretty bad, so we decided to get onto a main road, and head up towards Duluth. With a few stops for bathrooms and snacks, we crossed the big bridge in Duluth, and were disappointed when it was frozen over, as some lady had told us the waves were 16 feet high. We kept driving and stopped for DQ and other food in Walker, and then continued on to the church. We got all of our luggage out of the first van with the trailer, and then waited for Mom to show up and bring Becca and myself home. When she got there, we loaded into our minivan, drove to Vergas to drop off Becca, and then went home where Jana, Tevia, and Dad were watching The Amazing Spider-Man, and then I took a shower and went to bed. Have a ton of homework and a bunch of stuff next weekend too. 

This kind of weather in April is just wrong...