April 13, 2018 

Youth Group in Wisconsin

I had set my alarm for 7am this morning, but something went wrong, so I didn't end up actually waking up till about 7:15 or so. As soon as I got up, I got to work on my leftover homework from the week, because if I didn't get a weekly of at least 15, then I'll get marked as absent, which would be bad. I got in the required attendance, and then finished packing as Grandpa was picking me up to drop me off at Frazee High School at 9:30. When he picked me up, we drove into Vergas to pick up Becca at her house, and then we hopped in the van behind the Frazee High School that Ben was driving. Koby, Chloe, Mya, and Gabby were already in there, and so we drove straight to the Frazee rest stop where we waited for Ron and Karri to come and meet us with the van from Detroit Lakes. When they finally got there, we switched up a little and drove to the DQ in Staples where we had lunch, and then got back in after picking up Matthew. I filled out the survey on the receipt, so I was able to go get a free dilly bar, but sadly I forgot how much I hate cherry. After DQ, we got back in the vans, and kept going, Wisconsin bound. It was about 5 more hours to get there, and we had to stop once in the absolute middle of no where at a tractor supply store to use the bathrooms. We eventually got to Sand Hill Lake chapel in Wisconsin, and made our way inside, except for Mya who raced in to use the bathroom. We went in and looked around, and found out that the people who were going to do worship had canceled for some reason, so Chloe, Cortney, and I somehow ended up doing it. Cortney had brought two guitars, a 6 string and a 12 string, and once I tried the 12 string, I fell in love with it. In the end, it was Chloe and Me leading worship and Cortney taking pictures, after a dinner of tacos salad. There was a little message after we played our set of 5 songs, and then we had a break before playing games until almost 11. We finally were too tired to go on, and we went to where we were staying and fell asleep right away.