April 12, 2018 

Going Home 

We woke up early to see the sunrise over the ocean, and it was pretty cool. The sun didn't actually rise until 7:10ish so it wasn't super early, but it still felt early. We started packing, and got on the road pretty early as our plane was scheduled to depart at 1:05 and we were still two hours from Orlando. We started driving and went down to Saint Sebastian park, where we went out and took one last look at the ocean. There were a lot of cool birds that we saw, and they were very friendly. We got back in the car, and drove to Sixt car rental to return the Volkswagen Jetta with one stop along the way for drinks and $10 of gas. Once we got to the rental place, they must have known we were in a hurry so they put us on the shuttle right away and off to the airport we went. We talked to another family from England on the way, and they had very thick accents. We got to the airport, and went to the bathroom before going and checking in. There was a little confusion with some people as they were trying to get the people checked in for the sooner flights first, and people were ignoring what they said. We got checked in, hopped on the train to the other part of the airport, and got to the terminal about 20 minutes before they started boarding. We got on the plane, and I was in the very back row with a Mom and her three kids who lived in Buffalo MN and had been visiting her parents in Florida for 10 days while her husband stayed at home and worked. We had an extra empty seat in the back which was really nice. There was a lot of turbulence and when we finally landed, I was ready to kiss the ground. We got our bags from the claim with speed that can only be found in rural Minnesotans, and then found our way back to our car on purple ramp, floor 8. We took off and didn't stop again till Rogers, where I felt a little out of place at Denny's in my khaki shorts and pink shirt. After a super good meal, we got back on the road and made good time, getting to Clearwater by 6:15. After a little while longer, we stopped for another gas station, and this time I got in the drivers seat and drove us home, getting in the driveway around 8:30. Early bed tonight and up tomorrow to head back to Wisconsin for youth conference. 

Our last view of the Atlantic ocean at Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida