April 11, 2018 

Jana's Birthday

Today was a very special day.... Jana's 15th birthday. We started out the morning with Mom going to her confrence meeting, and us sleeping in for a little while longer. When we finally woke up, we only had an hour until it was time to check out. We quickly got packed, and tried to clean things up a little for Linda, the cleaning lady from Venezuela. We went down to the lobby and turned in our four room cards, and then went back over to the mall to try and do some school work. After awhile we figured the internet wasn't going to work to well, so we got ready to go pick up Mom, but then we found an arcade card with almost 900 points on it. We played a bunch of games and got some cotten candy for free, and then we went into the car. Mom was running a little late so we had to drive around the parking lot for awhile, but then she came out and we were on our way. After a stop for lunch at Chick-fil-a, we continued to the Holiday Inn at Vero Beach. We finally got there, after seeing some very interesting sights such as a garbage truck that had tipped over while taking a corner to fast. We checked into our hotel, which had a balcony overlooking the Atlantic ocean. We got into our suits right away, and took off down the beach and playing in the huge waves. There was a guy with a bucket full of little crab like bettle looking things that he was catching to use for fishing bait. He wouldn't tell us how he caught them though... we were all sandy afterwards and jumped in the hotel pool to get off the sand, which isn't what it was really meant for. We went back to the room, where we got dressed and then went to Chef Lin's Asian buffet. The food was amazing, and both Jana and I tried a raw oyster, still in the shell... needless to say, it was pretty different. Once we finished there, and got away from the older ladies that loved talking, we went to Wal-Mart, where I got a nice t-shirt and some khaki shorts... my only regret is I only get to wear my shorts once. Once we got back, it was pretty late so we started getting ready for bed and I got caught up on homework so that I wouldn't have as much hanging over for next week. Mom wanted to leave the balcony door open so we could hear the ocean, but Dad had read something online and was convinced that the sea turtles would be attracted to the light and climb in our third floor door. In the end, Mom won, and so the door stayed (mostly) open all night. The sea food I had seemed to want to become re-see food, but I was able to fall asleep pretty quickly. I finally had an entire queen bed to myself and it was amazing.