April 10, 2018 

9am to 9:30pm 

Today I tried sleeping in somewhat, but someone made a lot of noise on their way to conferences so I had some troubles sleeping. Dad got us up around 8 or so to get ready to be at Universal Studios right at 9am when it opened. Parking was $22 but we were happy to find out that it was full day parking, so if we had our ticket when we came back after lunch, we didn't have to pay again. We had full day passes and so we started on the right side of the park, and walked in almost right after it opened. We started with a Transformers 4D ride, which was super awesome. I think that 4D rides are probably the rides of the future, because the entire thing can be contained in a small building. We continued to walk around the park, going on different rides, most of them 4D rides, until we got to Diagon Alley, which was hidden behind a brick wall. As soon as we stepped in, it was like mind blown. It was literally like stepping right into the movie. We went on one of the rides, and then hopped onto the Hogwarts Express, which took us to the other park, Islands of Adventure. When we stepped off, we were in Hogsmeade, with Hogwarts looming over the village. We walked through Hogsmeade, just looking at everything. There was a ride inside of Hogwarts that was super amazing and spun you all over and had some parts where it stimulated free falling and a Quidditch match. It was super awesome, and while we were in there, it had started pouring, so we just turned around and went on it again. After the second time, Dad was feeling a little sick, so we walked around in the rain for awhile. Because of the rain, all the rides had super short lines which was awesome. After doing a little more, we started heading back to the car. A lot of people had these cheap looking rain slickers, and so we were wondering if they were giving them out free somewhere, but we soon found out that they were being sold for $10 each, which made it hard to not start counting how many people had them and paid for them. It took us about 20 minutes to find the car, and then we went and picked up Mom from the conference center around 12:30. Her ticket didn't become active until 2pm, so we went back to the hotel where we had lunch and got into dry clothes. We went back over to Universal, but started on the left side of the park this time, and we were able to do some rides that were closed because of the rain. We rode it up until around 7:30, when we went and hit all the water rides that we were saving till the end, and got completely soaked on them. The Hogwarts light show started later, but we were too cold to wait around, and so we went back to the hotel and changed. Then we went over to a pizza buffet called Cicis that had really good pizza. We went back to the hotel again, and I took a shower before going for a walk. Went to bed at 11pm.