April 09, 2018 

Wifi Issues

Today was Monday, so that meant of course, that we had school, as Spring break was last week. Thanks to the last hurricane that hit Florida, the wifi in the hotel here is still very... it's not good. Most of the main areas have great wifi, but inside of the rooms, good luck. Like I said yesterday, I was able to get things to work by using my phone as a range extender, but the girls went over to the business center in the lobby. After awhile, I got a phone call on the room phone, saying that they couldn't get some stuff to work, so I packed up all my gear and trecked across the huge campus to where they were. By the time I got there, it was already fixed, so I went and stood outside and looked at a map just for fun. A lady passing must have thought I was lost, because she asked me if she could help me find anything. I just asked her if she knew a good place to work on a laptop, and she suggested the lounge in the mall (which is also a part of the hotel) as it had good strong wifi, and very large comfy chairs. She was going the same direction, so I walked with her for awhile and found out that she was from Michigan, which was kinda cool. I got to my area and started doing some school. To meet minimum attendance requirements, we only have to have 15 assignments turned in by Saturday, and if we can't meet that, we just call in and say we won't be at school that day. I got my assignments done, and then we went back to the room and chilled for awhile, before Jana, Tevia, and I went down to the pool, with all the slides and cool stuff like that. We swam for a few hours and Dad came and joined us at one point, and then we went back to the room again and got ready for the rest of the day while Dad went and picked up Mom from the conference center. We lounged around for awhile, even after Mom got home, then we decided to go and see the free part of Universal Studios. We didn't do a whole ton of research, so we didn't realize that after 6pm, parking is free, and we drove in at 5:57. Thankfully, there were two cars in front of us, and as soon as the first one got done, he started waving people through. We parked up on a high floor, and then went and saw Universal Studios, or as much as you can for free. Dad had gone and picked up tickets for tomorrow already, so we'll be going and seeing everything that isn't free all day tomorrow. We came back, and Tevia and I went straight to the mini golf area, and played a round of that, and then we were just sitting in some chairs watching things happen, when they came and set up a screen for a pool side movie. They ended up showing, "Storks" which I enjoyed way too much for someone of my age, and then we went back to the room, with me going a very roundabout way that involved going up to the top floor and seeing what I could see from the top. Went back to the room and went to bed.