April 07, 2018 

Sunny Orlando  

Today was the big day; taking off to Orlando. We got up this morning, but not until 8am, and didn't end up leaving till 9:30ish as there were some ideas going around that we had to leave our house at 7am for a 3:25pm flight. We finally had everyone happy with their luggage, and we took off. After a quick prayer, we got on Highway 10, with me driving. Mom wanted to stop in Clearwater, but ended up stopping in Motley at the gas station. Mom had forgotten to mail a letter as well, and so she was constantly trying to find a bluebox as we went, where she could mail the letter. After a lunch stop at Taco Bell in Saint Cloud, we finally got into the cities (I was no longer driving after lunch) and parked on the Purple ramp, on the top floor. On the way down, we rode in the elevator with another family that was flying to Orlando, in the same plane! We went and checked in, and the very nice lady even changed our tickets so that we could all sit in the same row... there were mixed feelings about this kind gesture. We went to security, but because of a random thing, Tevia and I got picked out and sent through the TSA Precheck, which was about 10 times faster than the security that everyone else had to go through. We went and found Terminal H7, and just chilled. The plane was running slightly behind, and didn't pull up until about 3:10 (we were supposed to take off around 3:25). Jana and I went and got sodas from Subway (she was very embarrassed that we went to Subway just for drinks but they were 3x cheaper than anywhere else), and then finally our plane was ready to start boarding. We got on and then got settled in for the ride; we were in the very backmost seats, with the toilets right behind us, and everyone else in front of us. It turned out that they did give us free drinks, even though you now have to pay for snacks. The ride was rather interesting, with Jana not appreciating me saying, "WE'RE GOING DOWN" every time we hit a patch of turbulence. As nice as it is that the lady at the desk was willing to seat us all together, next time someone does that I'm going to probably strangle them because I really can't take another 3 hours of that. Anyway, we landed in Orlando, after being held in the sky for about 20 minutes because of rain, and we went and got our baggage. Then we navigated our way to the place where a guy picked us up, and brought us to the car rental place, which is apparently one of the largest in the world. We got our little 5 passenger car, and then found out that someone had booked a hotel an hour and a half away, just so we might be able to swim with some manatees. All I can say is, if those manatees aren't there, I'm gonna be pretty upset that we had to drive that far. We stopped at a Wendy's for food, which was good, but I'm already looking forward to the breakfast at the hotel while I write this journal at 11pm. We finally got to our hotel, a Quality Inn & Suites, and went to bed with very little fighting.