April 06, 2018 


    We leave for Orlando tomorrow at about 9:30 and I couldn't be more excited! Our plane doesn't fly out till around 3pm, but because we're flying out of MSP we need to leave our house about 6 hours early (we're still leaving before then however). The best part of this is when I told Chloe (a friend of mine) that I was going to Orlando, she just laughed and told me she wasn't that gullible anymore. 

   We started out the morning with homework, and I did a big long chemistry lab, but it wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be. Then Dad gave me a haircut and I took a shower, and then at 12:45 we went in to meet with Potvin, the principal at FHS to see about getting me enrolled for next year. She said we should wait until the school year is out, and then come talk to them ASAP. After our meeting, I went over to Jeremy and Sherri's so that I could get Photoshop and Lightroom downloaded before the trip, as I need to be able to do editing on my laptop. I already have them on my Desktop, but they took about 5 hours to download each, vs the 10 minutes at Jeremy's. Once those were finished downloading, Jeremy dropped me off at the Thrift Store on his way to work, and I helped out there for awhile. Around 4:30, Jana and I walked down to All in All and got donuts and smoothies, and then went and found Tevia, hanging out at school when she wasn't supposed to be. We went home after a quick stop at work to drop off the money bag for the Thrift Store, and had leftovers for dinner. Then we packed and packed and tried not to forget anything, and checked where we were going to be staying, and checked our flight numbers, and all that fun stuff! It's going to be super awesome. I also downloaded some movies from Netflix and FNaF World to play in case I get bored.