April 05, 2018 

Mail Day 

Today it was still snowing. WHY IS IT STILL SNOWING ON APRIL 5TH?!?!?! Anyway, I did a lot today, and also got a lot of mail and stuff. I am still a day ahead in school, so I didn't have any to do, but I'll probably work ahead sometime tonight or tomorrow so that I don't have as much while in Orlando; I can't believe we're already leaving on Saturday (2 days) and I'm super excited. It really shows how much of an advantage I have over other people, as I have friends who have hardly ever left Frazee, and here I am with a frequent flyer card. Anyway, my first order of business was to fix my laptop (again). I love using Linux ever since Chris helped me install it, but you can't run Lightroom on Linux (at least not easily) and so I reinstalled Windows, and I'll hopefully duel-boot when we get back from Orlando. It took a few hours of Googling and experimenting and formatting drives and messing with different software. We only get 3Mbps down here and so I called Arvig and complained, because there is a lot of stuff I'd like to download that I can't because of wifi speeds. Grandpa stopped by with a package for me, which was a new backpack that Mom and Dad got me as sort of an early 16th birthday present, and it's so awesome because it's a photographers travel backpack, so it has places for my camera and 4 lenses, or anything else I want to put in there, and a spot for my laptop, and places for clothes and less important things too! And if I want to convert it into a normal backpack, I just take out the Velcro dividers. Tevia made dinner of tater tot hotdish, but Jana wasn't very hungry because Grandpa and her had gone to Perkins for an early birthday lunch and then went to Ben Franklin Crafts. The other package I got was a shotgun mic for my camera, and it is super awesome, so now I just need a good reason to use it! After dinner, we went to bed.