April 04, 2018 

Youth Group Night

Today Mom worked, which is always a nice change of routine, as it gets boring when everything is exactly the same everyday. I already had all my school for the day finished, and so I just watched photography videos on YouTube, and chilled until Dad and Tevia came home. Around noon, Grandpa and Nana stopped by, and then Dad and I took the truck and went and got 20 haybales. Right after we got the hay, Dad dropped me off at Jeremy's house, where I abused his very fast wifi, and downloaded Windows and Deepin OS, as I plan on replacing Ubuntu with a duel-boot of the two if at all possible. After I was done with his wifi, Jeremy dropped me off at the grocery store on his way to work, where I helped an old lady carry out her groceries, and then emptied my bucket that I had at the register, in which there was more than 12 dollars! I then walked down to the post office, and got a package from them, which was a book I had made about our trip to Puerto Rico in fall of 2016, and then down to the bank to withdraw the $45 that had been donated online. The reason I had all of this money stuff to do, is because I've been raising money for Speed the Light, and it's been awesome. After that, Grandpa picked me up, and we went back to the post office for me to mail my tax returns, and then back to the gas station, to get snacks, and then over to Ketter's to get turkey jerky. After that, we went back to Grandpa and Nana's and chilled out over there until Dad came and picked us up. We went home and had dinner, and Mom came home, and then Mom and Dad went to a church meeting while I went to youth group. First we put together all the money we had raised for Speed the Light, and it turned out to be about $501, which meant that after Caleb doubled it, we had $1002. Then Caleb had a friend of his from the cities speak, and the rest of youth group kinda happend in such a way that you can't describe it with words. I helped clean up afterwards, and then Caleb gave me a ride home, as Mom and Dad don't think they'll be back until around 10:30 tonight. I also found a really good way to clean out my plugged nose really fast, but it involves flaming hot cheetos and needing lots of milk.