April 03, 2018 

I Can't Breathe and other Survival Stories

Today was an average day, except I've had a plugged nose from either a cold or allergies, and so I haven't been able to breathe out of my nose all day. It's been rough... I got up this morning and walked downstairs and messed around on my computer, doing some homework and the sort until Chem class at 11. After class, I took a shower and had lunch, and then when Grandpa came and took Tevia to track, I went with him and we went to Walmart, where I got the frames in my glasses updated, so now I can see clearly again, and they have a blue light filter, which should be better for my eyes when I'm using my phone or computer. Jana made spaghetti for dinner, and then I practiced guitar afterwards, and then went to bed. Tomorrow will hopefully be more interesting.