April 02, 2018 

More Snow...

Well, we woke up this morning to, you guessed it, more snow. Not just a tiny bit either, but a whole few inches. Thankfully we leave for Orlando on Saturday morning, so we won't have to be around this snow much longer, and maybe it'll be gone when we get home. We had school this morning, and then I just messed around and stuff until after lunch. I finally got all of Bryant and Alyssa's photos edited, and they don't look horrible, which is probably good. I took a shower after lunch, and then Grandpa came over and took me to work. I was only supposed to work until 7, but Manson had broke his truck somehow, and could only drive 35mph, so they asked me to stay until 8pm, which I did. I had to mark down all the Easter candy, going through each 45 count box of camemal eggs, and marking them each at 50 cents... took about 2 hours. Had a taco salad for dinner when I got home, then went to bed. One interesting thing that happened when I was at work, was one of the owners of Country Kitchen told me she'd like me to apply for County Kitchen as soon as I turn 16, and I'd probably make $30-$50 per hour because the male servers generally are tipped so much more than the female servers.