March 30, 2018 

Gooooood Friday

I woke up at 8 this morning, and the first thing I did was freak out. I was supposed to be up at 7, and so I had no idea what kind of impending doom was in store for me. I hurriedly checked with Mom, and found out that she had allowed us to sleep in for some reason I can no longer remember. I had some eggs with cheese and bacon for breakfast, which were leftover from last night, and they were really good. After I finished eating, Mom and I did my piano lesson, which went moderately well. Then I did the dishes and chilled around until Bryant and Alyssa showed up. For anyone reading this who doesn't know who Bryant and Alyssa are or why they'd be at my house, they're some friends of mine who recently got engaged, and so I'm *attempting to* take engagement photos for them. We walked over to our tree area, where we took some pictures, and then drove over to the covered bridge outside of Frazee, with a pit stop at All in All. We made the quarter mile treck from the road to the bridge, where we spent an additional hour or two taking more pictures. In the end, I had about 370 photos to work with. They dropped me off back at the house, and I got my guitar and such packed up, as well as getting Lightroom downloaded on my computer (the classic, not CC). I also took a shower, and then I went to work. It was pretty busy, and stayed that way until about 5:45 or so, and then at 6:15, Dennis came in. We talked and the such while I worked until about 5 minutes to 7, when he took off. Grandpa picked me up, and we were on our way to church at 7:03, and made it just during the opening song, which I wasn't playing. Mom and I then went on to play Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone), O Come to The Altar, and Reckless Love and then as soon as the service was over, I ran downstairs and got a bowl of Trisha's Wild Rice soup which apparently had mushrooms in it and it was like the most amazing thing I've ever tasted except tacos and pizza and hamburgers. We went home, and I started learning the ropes of Lightroom, and then went to bed. Was a long day, but super fun.