March 29, 2018 

Kinda Spring?

Mom worked again today, so she took off pretty early, as did Dad as he was going to a men's Bible study at Harvest Fellowship. Tevia got on the bus, and so it was just Jana and Me at home. I worked a little on my computer, and then practiced piano and watched YouTube videos for awhile, until Dad and Tevia got home. Dad decided he wanted each of us to do some cleaning, so I cleaned the piano room, moving the piano to the other side of the room. It makes it seem a little bigger. Then I played some more piano. Really, I played probably like an hour and a half of piano today. Anyway, I went down to the basement where I worked on some things, including a poster that I put up in Frazee Family Foods near the cash register, that basically said, "yo plz donate to my fundraiser." I mean obviously it was a lot more sophisticated than that, but that's a quick summary. I rode in with Grandpa and Tevia and got the OK from Heath, and then Kim helped me find a spot for them, and also told me that when I come in tomorrow for work, I should bring a little bucket to put next to the register for cash donations. I also added a really cool/annoying popup to my website last night and it's super awesome. After Grandpa brought me home, there wasn't anyone there, so I played some more piano, and then went and got the scooter ready for the season, putting the battery in there and all. I got it running, and then I drove it to Grandpa and Nana's. I also realized that I should have worn a scarf. I came home and made eggs and hashbrowns for dinner, but since Mom was so late we didn't go to Maundy Thursday service with Grandpa and Nana, and so I started working on a new song (You'll Be Back) since I already mastered the last one I was working on (How Far I'll Go). Mom got home and I had to practice music for Friday and then we all went to bed after I played some more piano. Again.