March 28, 2018 

Shrimp Tacos

Today we didn't have a whole lot going on, so after Mom left for work, Dad brought Tevia home from school and all of us over to Grandpa and Nana's to hang out. Right after Dad left, Jana and I went into town to go grocery shopping with Grandpa at Central Market in Detroit Lakes, and they had like 2 giant platters of cheese that you could go and sample (I went and sampled the cheese 6 times). We got everything we needed and then a little bit more, and then we went over to Taco John's where we got 3 shrimp taco baskets and 4 beef tacos to bring home. When we got home we had our food, with Nana, Tevia, and I each having a shrimp taco basket (3 tacos/basket) and Jana having 2 beef hardshell tacos and Grandpa having 2 beef softshell tacos. It was really good. After we ate, Nana had to go to an appointment in Vergas, and so she drove her car for the first time since she had her knee replaced. Then Grandpa took Tevia in to do track, and when he got back, we burned all the cardboard boxes that Nana has been stockpiling. Nana got home while we were doing that, and then we sat inside and talked for awhile before going to pick up Tevia at the school, and going to Pizza Ranch where Grandpa had a bunch of gift cards from the people at the church that they sent Nana when she was in the hospital. We had pizza (I had two slices of taco pizza and one slice of cherry desert pizza with lemonade) and then we went into Frazee, where they dropped me off at the event center for Youth Group. Youth Group was super awesome, and then afterwards they had pulled pork sandwiches (at least I think it was pork), brownies, and chips. I stayed awhile afterwards and helped clean up/talked as they had finished early, and then Grandpa picked me up and dropped Jana, Tevia, and me off at home. About 5 minutes after we got home, Dad got home, and then Mom too, as they had been at the Otter Tail supper club to try and win something. We all went to bed at a respectful time, and I fell asleep pretty fast.