March 27, 2018 

Behind the Wheel- Part 1

Today was a little stressful because I had something big; my first day of Behind the Wheel for two hours. Dad dropped me off that, and I drove around with my instructor in Frazee, Vergas, and Perham, and it felt like we were driving in circles because we kept driving in the same routes over and and over and over and uhg. We finished just after 12:30, and then Dad and I stopped by the store where we got sunflower seeds. We then went home where Jeremy and Sherri and Dawson and Steven had come over for lunch, as it was Sherri's 23 birthday. We had a little celebration, and then they took off. Dad brought Jana and I over to Grandpa and Nana's where we hung out for awhile. We came home and Jana made Mexican fried rice for dinner, which was pretty good. Jana and I then went for a walk outside, and then I watched videos and listened to Hamilton until bed. Spring break is so awesome.