March 26, 2018 

More Snow...

Today started out normal, except for the snow falling outside my window. I got up and out of bed, and then headed downstairs to finish my college assignments for the week, as sadly they don't have spring break at the same time as my other school does. I loaded it up and almost had a heart attack, as they were all overdue by one day, giving me 3 0% grades! I emailed my teacher, as they shouldn't have been due till tomorrow, and she said that it was indeed a mistake and she had since fixed it. Then I realized I work on Good Friday till 7, and at 7:10ish I'm supposed to be playing in church, so I called Grandpa and he said he'd give me a ride from work. Then, my Behind the Wheel instructor called and postponed our appointment to tomorrow, as she didn't want to have me driving in what is basically a tiny blizzard. After lunch, I went into town with Tevia and Mom, and we dropped off Tevia at the school, and then Mom dropped me off at the Frazee Forum office, where I changed the information in the paper for the church. Then I walked down to work, where I talked to Heath for awhile, and then started about 15 minutes early, and almost got aisle 1 completely finished before it was time for me to start. Dad picked me up and we went home, where I had leftover eggs on toast for dinner. Then I practiced the music for Good Friday with Mom and worked on my computer afterwards. Finally went to bed, and I was super tired.