March 25, 2018 

Baby Dedication

Today was a very busy day; first we got up and went to church, but Matthew, Mom and I were opening the service with Build Your Kingdom Here- which is a very easy song, except one tends to get a little nervous when there are like 50 guests because of a baby dedication. David and Veronica were dedicating Peter, and a very large amount of their family was there- like a lot of people, so that the only other time we've had so many was like VBS programs. Anyway, the service went well, and then there was food afterwards, which included a lot of very good looking cookies and cakes and pies and stuff. We left around 1:30, and Mom and Dad dropped me off at the school, because I was meeting some people to watch the Frazee High School's musical, Into The Woods Jr. which was pretty good. Afterwards, Dad and I drove down to the camp and checked things out; the snow has melted somewhat, and so all that really needs to be done is to clean a parking area. We went home and I played on the computer until 5:47ish, when Mom brought me into Frazee for Caleb's youth Bible study, where we were doing Chapter 1 of Crazy Love, which is titled, "Stop Praying." It was really awesome and he had pizza and brownies, and then Mom picked me up at 7:10 and we went home. Played keyboard a little before bed, and then fell asleep.