March 24, 2018 

Saturday Night 

Today was our first full day of spring break; spring break for Jana and I will go from the 24 of March to the 1st of April, which is a pretty awesome break if you ask me. I didn't wake up till 10:30 this morning, and it was super awesome to sleep in, even if I got yelled at for it. I just lounged around and played on my computer a bit, making a photo book documenting our time in Puerto Rico, and it has been very interesting and also fun. I worked on that until around 2ish, when I finally went upstairs and had some lunch. Then I figured I should get out of my pajamas, and into normal day clothes. I did that, and then I cleaned the music room as well as my bedroom, and then went outside, to find that it was very cold and not enjoyable at all. I helped Mom with the salad for tonight, and then tried to get the rabbits to eat the leftover stuff. I had gone back upstairs and called Jesse, and then missed a call back from him, and then called him back, and then got a call from Jeremy, wondering if we were home or not, as he did not want to get out of his car and check. Jeremy, Sherri, and Dawson all came inside and hung out for awhile, until Curt showed up and then other people started showing up for dinner. We had a beef roast, with some super amazing apple pie burritos, and then some other stuff too. After everyone went home, we pretty much went to bed, except I accidentally had eaten before bed (again), so I wasn't able to sleep until like 1am.