March 23, 2018 

Spreading the Word

Well, it's finally Friday! And because next week is spring break, that means that there are exactly 10 days till I have to do any sort of school again. However, seeing as Easter is coming up pretty soon, Grandpa and I went out and got some flyers printed at Midwest Printing in DL, and gave them out to some churches after getting groceries at Central Market and eating tacos in the car along the beach that we had gotten at Taco John's. Most of the churches had someone inside who was very kind and helpful, except for Vineyard, who's lady at the desk was a little rude, as I had unintentionally interrupted her Facebook scrolling. We made a few stops in Detroit Lakes and Frazee, and then Grandpa dropped me off at home where I had some hot dogs which I've been craving for a few days. Mom took Tevia to track and then brought her home after awhile. We had burritos for dinner, where afterwards we sat by the fire place and watched Moana. After Moana, which is an amazing movie by the way (Lin-Manuel Miranda is in the soundtrack), we all started heading towards bed. They say it's going to snow, and the wind has been howling like crazy, but we'll see if it actually does or not.