March 21, 2018 

In The Paper

I thought I had a meeting with my English teacher today, but then when I was waiting for him to call me, I noticed an email that said I had somehow gotten scheduled when I wasn't supposed to be. So, that wasn't the greatest way for my morning to start. I got most of my school done by noon, and then Dad and I went in to Walmart for my eye appointment. After blowing air in my eyes, cleaning my glasses, and checking different lenses, they decided that my prescription had indeed changed. I didn't really want to get different frames, so they just measured my current ones, and then ordered a new pair, which should be here in about a week. We did a little shopping while we waited for them to finish changing the tire on the van as well, and then we went home. Grandpa had just dropped off Tevia at track, and so then he took Jana and I over to their house, where we hung out for awhile. Jana was reading the paper, and I kinda glanced over, and then almost had a heart attack! A few days ago, Thursday to be exact, Dad and I had been driving by Tevia's track team shoveling off the track, and we noticed Tevia wasn't working. Then Dad told me to go take a picture so we had proof that she wasn't helping, which I did. Dad thought the picture was really good, so he told me to send it to the Frazee Forum, which I did with no reply, making me think that they never got it. Instead, it was on the front page of the Frazee Forum. It was pretty cool. We then went home where I made hamburgers really fast, and then went to sing at the Nursing Home. It was a more interesting evening, as one of the old ladies seemed to think that she needed to flick everyone off, which she did to the best of her ability. Then we came home, and went to bed.