March 18, 2018 

Cows Got Out

Woke up this morning around 8:30, and had to get up and make eggs while Ben made bacon. We had a quick breakfast, then ran over to the church where we ran through the worship set one last time before Sunday School. I was able to get the slides done in time, and as expected, it went... well it went. Anyway, after church there was fellowship dinner, which had a ton of food, and it was really good. We started heading home, but just after we got to four corners, we decided to turn around and go up to Tamarac Wildlife refuge to watch the Sunday afternoon movie. It was "Born to be Wild" today, and it was about everything North America, but felt rushed as they were trying to cover most of the main habitats between Alaska and Panama. Afterwards we drove home, and found the cows out in the yard. As it turned out, they had gotten out and wandered down to the road, where a lady passing by had taken a picture and posted it on Facebook, and it had kinda blown up. People need to chill. Anyway, we chilled until about 5:45, when Dad brought me into town for the youth Bible study that Caleb is doing on Sunday evenings. This was the first time apparently, and it was quite small, with only 5 of us there. He is having us do the Crazy Love by Francis Chan book, which is funny because that is the same one that I've read twice, and that Ben is having us do. Anyway, that was fun, and then I came home and went to bed.