March 17, 2018 

Guns and Worship 

Today was finally the beautiful, wonderful, amazing weekend. I woke up around 9 because I couldn't fall back asleep, and cleaned my room and got all my music gear packed up. Grandpa came by and picked me up around 10, and then we headed to the church, with a pit stop in Frazee to get papers, coffee, and soda. He dropped me off at the church, where I got everything setup and then walked over to Ben's, where Matthew and Josh were waiting for Ben and Bradly to get back from town. Once they got back, we went out into David's field and started shooting clay pigeons. After awhile, Matthew and I went back inside to make pizza, and then started watching the Flash when everyone came in and watched it with us. After awhile, we had to go over to the church and practice, which we did- tomorrow will be entertaining to say the least. We went back over to Ben's, where we watched Netflix until it was time to go into town, where we had Taco John's for dinner. After dinner, we drove all the way back to Ben's, and realized right before we got to his driveway, that we needed groceries for tomorrow. So we went all the way back in, and got stuff at Walmart. Then we came back home, where we watched another few episodes of the Flash before going to bed.