March 15, 2018 

Tevia's Concert

Today was another normal Thursday, except one big thing. It was Tevia's first concert. The morning went well, with Piano lessons and school, and then when Dad brought me into work at 4, I found out that I didn't work till tomorrow! Dad and I went over and watched the track kids, including Tevia, clear off the track with shovels, and then we went home. Then we went back in to pick up Tevia, ate really fast, and then rushed back to town so that Tevia would be on time to her concert. She ran in, while we walked around and looked at all the student art and photography and sculpting and such that was there. Then Tevia came out with the band, and they played their songs. Afterwards, we stayed and listened to the drama group do a little bit of their music for the play in a week, and then went home! Long night, but almost the weekend!