March 12, 2018 

My Abs Hurt

Monday's are literally the worst day ever. I had school today, and then, because Bradly doesn't think that I can get a 6 pack, I've started doing an intense ab workout everyday, and it's supposed to give me a 6 pack in 90 days. So we'll see how that goes. I also had to work today, and I talked to Heath about maybe starting my shift at 3:30 instead of 4 so that we don't have to run Tevia to town at 3:15 and then me at 3:45. The other thing I did was create an info page for my goal with Speed the Light, which I am going to start my fundraising for right after Easter. My goal of $1000 is constantly changing with how hard I think it'll be. I'm also getting new glasses soon as my prescription has changed. There was a really nice sunset on the way back from work tonight.