March 11, 2018 

Angry Cat

Today was Sunday... and the first day with the Daylight Saving Time change... which meant we had to get up an hour earlier than normal! It was horrible. I got up and got ready for church, which didn't require a whole lot of work as Dad cut my hair yesterday and combing it is really all I usually do. We got to church, and a lot of people were there, except Janessa and Rhonda, as Janessa had just gotten out of surgery for her hand after getting it flattened in the wood splitter yesterday. After church we came home and had some (mostly) leftover hamburgers for lunch, along with spaghetti from last night. Jeremy called, so we decided to go over there around 3, where we hung out and played with Dawson for awhile. They had taken one of our grey cats, and it's just a vicious beast and attacks you if you make any sort of mouse noises. Anyway, we came home around 4:30 and Dad took the girls to see Grandpa and Nana, while Mom and I stayed home and played on our various devices, with me creating a subpage for my website, just cause. There wasn't really anything for dinner, and so we just sat around thinking about maybe watching a movie until it was time for bed. My phone battery died, I took a shower, and then went to sleep.