March 10, 2018 

The Day with a Lame Picture

Today was Saturday- beautiful, wonderful, amazing Saturday. Mom and Dad went to their training class in Fergas Falls this morning, despite the furnace being broken, but I slept in till almost 10 anyway. Matthew and I had played around with the cameras yesterday, so I spent a few hours in the basement cutting video clips and audio clips together and making them better. I snowmobiled over to Grandpa and Nana's for a little while, but had to take the ditches as the lake was too slushy. We were having people over that evening, and it turned out to be a very interesting crowd, including Ben, Matthew, Becca, Caleb, and Neil and Lynette. Once everyone finally went home, it was quiet and I could rest. Also during all of this had gotten notice that Janessa flattened her hand it a wood splitter, broke 4 bones in her fingers, and was going in for surgery at 7am the next morning...