March 09, 2018 

Michael W. Smith Concert 

Today was finally Friday again- it seems like it's been 2 years since last week. I got my school done rather early in the morning, and then I got a ride from Grandpa to the church at 1:30, where Matthew and I played around and practiced some for when we lead worship in church on the 18th. Around 4:45, everyone started showing up for the concert, except Crosby who had said he was coming. We waited for as long as we could, but he still didn't come so we had to leave without him. Seeing as how we then had one extra ticket, I called Caleb, who said he would meet us at the pizza hut in Detroit Lakes, where we picked up some pizza to eat on the way. We made it just in time, and walked in the doors about 2 minutes before the concert was scheduled to start. Everyone got seats and then it started. It was very different than what I was used to, as the average age was like 50 or 60, and it wasn't a stand up and stuff kind of concert. It was instead a sit and watch the show like it's a movie kind of concert, which I hate. About half way through, they were talking about Compassion International, so I got the chance to sponsor a girl from Africa named Grace, which is super cool. After the concert was over, we started on our way back, and finally got back to the church at 11:30pm, after stopping for gas and to drop Caleb off at his car. Awesome night, even if the concert wasn't as good as we had hoped. 

Left to Right- Matthew, Caleb, Tovin (me), Mya, Chloe, Tristan, Tessa, Tevia, Jana, Ben