March 08, 2018 

Set List Saturday, but Thursday.... 

Set list Saturday still isn't for a few days, but Matthew has been yelling at me so much to get it figured out that I finally decided on the set list for the 18th, and it seems pretty good if you ask me. I had my reading test this morning, and so I did that at 10. Right after my test, I got a call from Kim at the store, and she was wondering if I could come in at 2 instead of 4. I decided to, and was able to get a ride from Grandpa, which is always nice as it's fun to talk to him. The social worker was at our house talking to Mom and Dad about foster care, and so I talked with her for awhile, and found out she used to work at a grocery store when she was younger too! I went to work, and worked until 7- Dad had told me he thought I was addicted to caffeine, so I was 100% caffeine free today and it was torture, especially at work. When I got off work, Dad picked me up and Mom had made turkey tacos for dinner, which were amazing, because I mean obviously, they were tacos. After dinner I ran through the set list again, and then finished organizing the Sunday morning Easter service, with some help from Mom, as we'll be having that at Camp Cherith and it will be amazing. After that, it was so late that I listened to music in bed for awhile before going to sleep. Huge day tomorrow!