March 04, 2018 

Good Pork Chops

Today was Sunday, and I had my alarm set for 8 am. Sadly, I yelled at my Echo to shut up when it went off, so I ended up being woken up to Mom yelling at me that they had already been waiting in the car. Wasn't the most pleasant experience, but I got ready in under 5 minutes and was in the car soon enough. Church was a little boring as the Swiers were gone, but Ben was preaching on being a witness vs an evangelist, and did a good job of letting God speak through him. After church, we came home and ate, before going over to Jeremy's where we watched the Emoji Movie with them- a painful movie to watch- and then coming home. We hung out at home for a little while before going over to the Roisums, where we talked to them, and then Mom and Dad dropped us off at Grandpa and Nana's. I fried up some Pork Chops for our dinner, and then I took a picture of them because they were just so good and so amazing. We went on to talk for awhile, and then Facetime with Jen, Davin, and Jevin before Dad came and picked us up. The weather is getting bad, and I saw the first lightning of the year when we got home, but we still drove around, looking for a possible place to have an Easter Morning Sunrise service. We are thinking about Camp Cherith right now, but we will have to wait and check with the board in the Cities first. Been a long day, and it'll be nice to sleep, even though there's school tomorrow.