March 03, 2018 

I Like Nachos

Today was Saturday finally! I slept in till just before 10, and then slowly got going throughout the day. I cleaned my room, and then because it smelled a little funny, drenched it with Febreze. Grandpa came over for a visit, and we talked to him for awhile before he left. After a lunch of tacos and pizza, Jana and I took one of the snowmobiles over to Grandpa and Nana's, and then Tevia came a little later on the other snowmobile, after practicing her piano. We hung out over there for awhile, doing assorted things from talking, to peeling hard boiled eggs, to shoveling. Around 4, we figured we should be going home, so we grabbed all our assorted junk and drove back home. Dad got home from his Men's Retreat up in Strawberry lake, and we had nachos for dinner. After we ate and cleaned up, we did some family singing, before watching Hoosiers. After we finished the movie, I took a shower and shaved, and then we all went to bed.