March 01, 2018 

I Froze My Butt Off

Today was the first day of March, but it didn't really matter. I did my school like normal, and had a piano lesson in the morning. After lunch, I got on the snowmobile and went over to Grandpa and Nana's for a few hours. Then I was watching TV with Nana, and an Arby's commercial came on and I remembered I was supposed to make dinner- so I raced home at 5:30, helped Tevia get her snowmobile unstuck, and then made hamburgers for dinner. As soon as we had finish, and they were super amazing by the way, because I made them the way that Grandpa taught me, I started gathering my gear. I had seen a photo the other day, which was a tent in a field and was really cool and had star trails and I wanted to try it. So, I loaded up a tent, a few lights, and a bunch of other trash, and drove back over to Rose Lake where I waited for it to get darker, and talked with Grandpa some more. I also because a level 2 local guide according to Google during that time. Around 7:30 or 8, I went back out onto the lake, setup the tent, and started taking pictures. Because of how long of exposure I was using, they took about 20 minutes per photo (10 for picture, 10 for processing), after I had taken a few, it was already almost 9:30. I threw everything back in a bag, freezing to death, and drove home. I was very disappointed with the pictures, but it was way too light out to have them be super good (full moon tonight). I'll plan on trying again when there is no moon or clouds. Below is the best one I got, with some additional editing...